Tuesday, 1 July 2014

I heard it even if no one else did

Anyone will have thought when they were younger that they would get the in thing/ latest music for ever and decided that older people must be crazy.

Of course the latest "in thing" makes sense, what could these older people be talking about when they said they didn't get it?

I would never get to that would I??

I wouldn't!!!!

I haven't!!!

Oh heck.... I have.............

Case in point. At work a song has been coming on that I was convinced the guy was singing about loving a girl called michaela.

Now somewhat baffled I finally looked it up on the internet. Who was this girl and why was this guy in love with her.

As it turned out there was no girl.... At least called Michaela.

What the guy was actually singing was your love is a killer....

Ooops. Apparently I just don't get the new "in style" of singing.

Oh well.

Monday, 30 June 2014

A stranger in a stranger land

If you'll still reading after my random introduction.

Thanks... Please stick around... I need readers!! ...... does best puppy dog eyed impression that somehow comes across as rather creepy then cute... story of my life really :-) 

So a word or words depending on your interpretation that you will likely here a lot around here is mid-singles. Now for those of you who know a lots about mormons you'll know instantly what this means and please feel free to fall asleep at the back of the class while I explain :-)

So basically when you're young (ish) ( or at heart) in the church and single and fall into the age bracket of 18-30 you fall under the Young Single adult program.

Which depending on your level of cynicism is either a remarkable church program, or a dating service in disguise.

Now if you reach the hallowed age of 30, asides from realising most of your peers have been married for sometime with families, getting it hit with sudden terrifying realisations that something hasn't gone quite quite right, people starting to tell you things like " These things happen in the lords time" or the more dreaded " not everyone is destined to get married in this life" and some women start to worry dreadfully about having a lot of cats, you also get hit with the fact you are no longer "officially" Young and single.

You're just single and you move into the single Adult program where to put it bluntly the age range is from 30 until Dead.

Mid singles is a program that is basically involving in the "middle ground" for want of a better term, in the age range of 25 -45.

Now in the uk it's kind of semi -official right now with arguments ranging from " it's official" to " it's not official so we shouldn't do it" to " it's in the handbook" to "It it isn't" to " It kinda is but not in the way we are doing it" to " Where's my pudding..."

No, wait that last one is probably a single adult comment :-)

Well all of the mid single activities have to be approved before they go ahead so my view is, if we shouldn't be doing it, our leaders would give permission..

Although the next person who tells me we shouldn't be doing this because it's not in the manual I'm going to mess with their heads
" If we can only do things in the way that is listed in the manual, how did we even get a manual? As surely we would need a manual to tell us we should accept and do things described in the new manual?"

And on that mind bending note, later!

New beginnings

I have a confession to make.

I used to be a good blogger. Yes every day without fail, anything and everything was blog fodder.

And then something changed.

It became harder and harder to write, one missed day became two, and then three and so on and so on.

until it became months between posts... and then blue moons.

Which of course may not even be a official period of time but you get my point... and my humour of course.

But riding on a burst of inspiration, I have decided it's time to start blogging again. And what better way to do that then with a brand new blog.

It will be a great point for new readers to jump on and hopefully some old ones as well.

So in best old timey narrator style voice...
" for those of you just joining this story"

I am saxon. Aka a geek, nerd, male 30 + something living in the uk. I am also a mormon, which means if you actually know mormons you will know I am normal (relatively) or if you believe the hype I am some weird religious basket case running around trying to convert people so I can have as many wife's as possible.

Fortunately I'm not a stereotype.

Fortunately I also don't have to have more then one wife... I'm having more then enough trouble finding one, let alone multiple ones!

I am also a keen photographer, reader, painter, drawer and model maker.

I have also worked in the field of customer service to have a sense of cynicism the size of a aircraft carrier.

If that hasn't scared you off, please come back soon for more posts!