Tuesday, 1 July 2014

I heard it even if no one else did

Anyone will have thought when they were younger that they would get the in thing/ latest music for ever and decided that older people must be crazy.

Of course the latest "in thing" makes sense, what could these older people be talking about when they said they didn't get it?

I would never get to that would I??

I wouldn't!!!!

I haven't!!!

Oh heck.... I have.............

Case in point. At work a song has been coming on that I was convinced the guy was singing about loving a girl called michaela.

Now somewhat baffled I finally looked it up on the internet. Who was this girl and why was this guy in love with her.

As it turned out there was no girl.... At least called Michaela.

What the guy was actually singing was your love is a killer....

Ooops. Apparently I just don't get the new "in style" of singing.

Oh well.

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